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Blaine County Teams With NHS

05/21/12 at 01:44 PM


Blaine County, Idaho - If you are at risk of foreclosure, worried about your next house payment or frustrated with getting nowhere with your lender, Blaine County Housing Authority in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) can help. 

Neighborhood Housing Services will be holding no cost, face-to-face foreclosure counseling sessions for Blaine County homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure, or looking for loan modifications. Sessions will begin soon, with appointments starting on June 6th, 2012.

Neighborhood Housing Services is the only HUD approved counseling service that provides 100% face-to-face counseling. NHS has helped over 1,300 families throughout Idaho with the loan modification process. 

The NHS Foreclosure Prevention Program is funded from a federal grant and designed specifically for homeowners who are behind, or anticipate possibly getting   behind, in their mortgage payments on their primary residence. The professional HUD-approved counselors help homeowners establish a budget, determine strategies to prevent foreclosure, and develop a plan to get the homeowner back on track with their mortgage payments.

Neighborhood Housing Services will work with you and your lender toward loan modification and the service is available to all Idaho residents, for their primary residence, regardless of income or value of the home.

Click HERE to view the article in the Idaho Mountain Express.

For more information contact Blaine County Housing Authority at 788-6102 or visit 

“Blaine County Housing Authority is thrilled to bring the loan modification – foreclosure prevention counseling to Blaine County utilizing the expertise of Tom Birch, HUD certified counselor.”

-Nancy Smith, Program Director, Blaine County Housing Authority

“We continually hear that lenders will not help.  That is not true.  We see borrowers getting help every day.  If we cannot help them get a modification, we can help them understand their options and time schedules.  We want to have an opportunity to help.”

-Tom Birch, Director of Homeownership Counseling, Neighborhood Housing Services

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