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NHS staff attend Neighborworks Training Institute in Portland

05/13/13 at 02:23 PM

Nearly half of the NHS staff attended classes last week in Portland, Oregon. The Neighborworks Training Institutes holds trainings across the country 3 times per year. Portland's location was convenient for the Boise staff, previous locations for NTI's were Orlando and Cincinnati.

Portland is known as “the big city with small town feet,” City of Roses, PDX, P-town, Stumptown, Bridge City or Beervana. With its spectacular scenery, mild weather, and exciting things to do, Portland was the perfect setting for the NeighborWorks Training Institute. Today more than half-million people live in the greater metro area and the city boasts stunning examples of economic development and community advancements. Portland has also received a number of recent accolades, the most noteworthy being one of the nation’s greenest cities.

Among the courses taken were: "The Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management" - This was a basic course about Asset Management Automate Rehab with Housing Developer Pro 3.5 -  a construction system that will help with estimating and scheduling construction rehab work - and a "Financial Capability Coaching" course.

From our CEO:

"Other than losing my briefcase (along with all my materials from the classes)… Portland was good.  Great weather. 

As always, it’s the peer-to-peer exchanges I enjoy most—very knowledgeable and experienced practitioners to learn from. 

Of course, excellent presenters and stimulating course work, including a CFO Convening (to discuss current issues in affordable housing finance, planning and operations), and in-depth two-day analysis of acq-rehab assessment, bidding and management. 

Also, had good meetings with potential lenders, a nice dinner with a few of my Achieving Excellence teammates and Coach, and a number of exchanges with NeighborWorks America friends."  - Joe Swenson, CEO, NHS Inc.


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