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The Gift of Home – Part 2

12/23/14 at 08:52 AM by Jillian Hanes

During this season of giving, we take joy in watching people receive gifts that they desire or need.  Whether it’s our own children unwrapping a doll or truck on Christmas morning that they’ve been asking for all year or delivering a care package to a family in need, we can’t help but feel a part of their happiness.  Our friend, Rita found joy in giving this year as she gave the gift of Home.

In July, Neighborhood Housing Services brought you Rita’s story – the woman who chose to sell her home to us at a discounted price so we could rehabilitate it and resell it to a low- to moderate- income family or individual at an affordable price.  Here is the rest of that story.

To be honest, Rita wasn’t sure about all of the updating that Michael, our Director of Real Estate proposed for the rehab.  She had lived in the house for 35 years, and didn’t want it to be completely unrecognizable.  Yet she and Michael had built a rapport and she trusted him.  When the home was completed, Michael brought her back to see if she approved.  Rita was amazed.  After walking through the entire home, she exclaimed to him in jest, “Let’s get married and move back in!”












Of course Rita’s true intention for selling the home to NHS was to make it possible for a family or individual – who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a quality home like this – to become (a) proud homeowner(s).  Not too long after the home was listed, Michael came across a deserving and qualified buyer.  This young woman’s mother passed away when she was a girl, and she was raised by her grandparents.  She recently put herself through law school and started working at a local attorney’s office.  In a letter to Michael, she described why she believed she ‘fit within the spirit of NHS’ programs.’ She wanted a home on the Boise Bench where she could be close to her sisters, yet she also needed an affordable home because she still had a significant amount of student loans to pay off.  Looking toward the future, the woman desired a quality, close-in home, like this one, where she could eventually raise a family of her own one day.

Because of Rita’s generosity, this young woman was able to purchase her very first home in October at an affordable price.  Both Rita and the NHS staff are grateful to be able to offer a quality home to this woman who has overcome many struggles and already achieved so much in her life.  St. Francis of Assisi said, For it is in giving that we receive.  This season at NHS, we share this new homeowner’s joy and are thankful for the part we got to play in helping Rita give the gift of Home.

Neighborhood Housing Services would love to see more of our community members give this type of gift.  For more information about our Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Single Family Homes Program, or to donate a home or property, contact Michael at 258-6219 or

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