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NHS Builds Affordable Homes in Convenient Locations

04/04/14 at 12:16 PM by Jillian Hanes

A recent study  of development trends in the West shows that Boise residents “want more housing options in neighborhoods where they can walk to schools, parks, shops and other everyday destinations.”  Neighborhood Housing Services’ newest program, Single Family Home Development, responds to your housing needs by providing new, affordable homes on close-in property.

What We Do

Doing business as Neighborhood Homes (NH), NHS purchases infill sites in sustainable locations close to work, schools, shopping, services, and public transportation.  Where possible, we are focusing on property that is near the green belt – giving Boiseans the options to ride their bikes and walk to work. 

How We Maintain Affordability

NH purchased our first cluster of parcels in Garden City – on the fringe of Boise’s urban center – from a state bank’s REO portfolio at a reduced price.  Neighborhood Homes will develop most of its own lots in pocket neighborhoods in the near future.

The housing trend study also indicates that “people are willing to trade off the size of their lot or home in order to live in a neighborhood that is walkable.”   We divide typical size parcels of land into efficient lots that are approximately 4,000 square feet – optimizing the amount of usable outdoor space while maintaining reasonable land prices. 

NH currently offers a variety of different size models of homes to build on these efficient parcels including:

  • A small 723 square foot (2 bed, 1 bath) model
  • A medium 1,200 square foot (2 bed, 2 bath) model
  • A larger 1,400 square foot (3 bed, 2.5 bath) model

1,200 square foot model in Bluestar Subdivision

How We Help the Environment

Not only do the smaller lots conserve land, the homes built on the parcels will be built to the Energy Star certified standard.  Also, the close-in location of these neighborhoods is designed to encourage homebuyers to reduce their carbon footprint by driving less.

How We Are Different From Other Builders

While typical builders are profit-driven, NHS is a nonprofit that puts the profit from our homes back into our other affordable housing programs, i.e., Homebuyer Education, Prepurchase and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, Financial Fitness Coaching, and Lending.  This allows us to help more low- to moderate- income Boise residents progress toward sustainable homeownership in practical locations.

With each purchase of a Neighborhood Homes property, the buyer will have the advantage of being educated through our programs – maximizing their chance for successful homeownership. 

How You Can Get Involved

The Single Family Home Development Program is mainly funded through loans.  We are seeking additional funding and assistance from the following entities:

  • Land Bankers 
  • Foundations                            
  • Donors
  • Estates/Trusts


For more information or to contribute to our Single Family Home Development Program, email Joe Swenson at


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