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NHS Kicks Off NeighborWorks Week By Painting The Town

06/06/14 at 02:13 PM by Jillian Hanes

One of the greatest social needs is to feel like we belong – that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Saturday, June 7, 2014 marks Neighborhood Housing Services’ 32nd annual Paint The Town™ community volunteer event which is our way of participating in National NeighborWorks Week.  From June 7-15th, NHS joins over 200 other NeighborWorks America® organizations across our country with a week of community revitalization activities to foster positive changes within our neighborhoods, and your support makes you a part of this giant effort to make healthier and more sustainable communities.

What Is NeighborWorks Week

NeighborWorks Week is NeighborWorks’ effort to mobilize its network of organizations, along with thousands of volunteers, in a week of neighborhood change and awareness. Since its inception in 1984, NHS and other NeighborWorks organizations have held community activities including:

  • Rehabilitating and repairing homes
  • Painting and landscaping properties
  • Conducting neighborhood tours
  • Recognizing successful community partnerships
  • Hosting events that educate, train, and inform residents about their community


According to NeighborWorks’ June newsletter, this is a record-breaking year for the week-long effort with more than 320 events across 44 states and Puerto Rico.  Volunteers across the United States are revitalizing over 4,400 neighborhoods, and Paint The Town™ is proud to be a part of this national endeavor.


Paint The Town™ Makes A Difference in Neighborhoods

Since Paint The Town™ began in 1982, 85,318 volunteers have contributed an estimated 442,692 hours that have brightened the lives of 3,110 senior and disabled homeowners.  The Kvitko’s, 2014 Paint The Town™ recipients, recently expressed their gratitude in a letter by stating, “We are deeply grateful to our team leaders – Gary Kelley and Amy Hawkins – for their enthusiasm, leadership, and dedication.  They are a true example of what American volunteerism is all about, and we are lucky to have met them.”

If you have participated in Paint The Town™, you know that volunteers do more for the residents than just paint.  Fences are built, roofs are repaired, windows are replaced, yards are mowed, flowers are planted, and wheelchair ramps are even installed.  These improvements positively affect the entire community by restoring the recipients’ pride of homeownership, increasing property values, and bringing community members together to improve our neighborhoods.

Celebrating With A Block Party

NeighborWorks Week is about getting to know your neighbors and celebrating the positive changes that are made through community activities during this time.  Paint The Town™ is showing our appreciation for our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, donors, and deserving recipients by throwing a block party. 

The party is Saturday, June 7th at Cassia Park between 3pm-7pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  We will be celebrating the amazing accomplishments of our volunteers with family-friendly activities, music (including local band Blaze and Kelly), food, and prize giveaways!

Whether you are a Paint The Town™ volunteer, recipient, donor, or a neighbor, come help Neighborhood Housing Services celebrate NeighborWorks Week and be a part of a growing, nation-wide effort to improve our communities.    

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