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Pride of Homeownership

04/13/15 at 03:26 PM by Jillian Hanes

Kelly was shocked to see a man peeking into her window last August.  When she went outside to question him about it, she found herself facing something even more unexpected – the opportunity to own her own home.  Thanks to the help of a Realtor’s referral to Neighborhood Housing Services’ Lending Team, Kelly and her husband Robert are proud homeowners – an achievement they never thought was possible for them.

Now in recovery, Kelly and Robert are no strangers to hard times.  Less than a decade ago, they both lived in shelters, and Kelly was pregnant with her now, eight year old daughter.  Dedicated to making positive lifestyle changes, they pulled themselves up through hard work and improved their stability – renting the same place for 4-5 years.  That’s when they met Mike looking in their window.

Mike was a Realtor who was thinking about listing the home next door for sale.  When Kelly indicated that it would be great to own her own home, Mike said, “I know a [place] that can make that happen,” and told her that a member of the Neighborhood Housing Services’ Lending Team would call her soon to begin the home buying process.

With Robert’s recent job change and Kelly unable to work due to her disability, they doubted that they could qualify for homeownership. Yet they put their trust in the NHS Lending Team and followed their advice – attending NHS’ Homebuyer Education seminar.   

The first lender that NHS Lending submitted their underwriting packet to confirmed Robert and Kelly’s doubts. The lender suggested that they wait several more months to apply for a loan – giving Robert time to build longevity at the new job.  While this was a reasonable plan, the Lending Team knew that they could come up with another viable option that would get Robert and Kelly into their own home by Christmas – giving them an extra special reason to celebrate.

NHS Lending specializes in coming up with feasible options that help our low- to- moderate income (LMI) neighbors qualify for a home loan.  We provide second mortgage loans in tandem with our partner lenders’ first mortgages.  By layering the loans, NHS Lending can leverage capital funding to offer qualifying LMI buyers the resources to become successful homeowners.  

This service is important because 2014 statistics show, Idaho has the second highest number of minimum wage workers per capita in the nation.  As a result, many potential LMI homebuyers are unable to meet the stringent underwriting criteria of conventional lenders or provide the required down payment.  The median price of homes is up 12% and 2% in Ada and Canyon Counties, respectively, from this same month last year (March 2015 Inside Scoop, Ada and Canyon Counties, Shaun Tracy, Realtor).  With these increases, prospective LMI buyers are being squeezed out of the home-buying market as they hit hurdles of obtaining enough credit and being outbid by more attractive bidders with ample cash.

The NHS Lending Team was able to include Kelly’s disability income along with the money Robert made from all three of his jobs in their proposal to the program underwriter, who agreed with their presentation.  The team submitted the loan packet to another one of NHS Lending’s partner lenders, and they approved the loan.

Robert and Kelly are now proud homeowners, and they moved into their new place in time to celebrate the winter holiday.  It is Robert’s first time owning a home, and they finally have a stable place to raise their daughter.  Kelly is excited for her mother’s first visit to their home this week – giving her a chance to show how her family is recovering from some of life’s obstacles.

“I’m so proud of who we are today!”  Kelly exclaimed.  “Miracles do happen when you do the right thing.”

Neighborhood Housing Services is also extremely proud of the transformation that this couple has made, and for taking the rewarding leap into homeownership.  Their positive choices allowed them to take back their lives and build a stable future for their family.

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