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A Volunteer’s Passion for People and Painting the Town

04/29/15 at 06:28 AM by Jillian Hanes

Last year at Neighborhood Housing Services’ Paint The Town™ Paint Distribution Day, I briefly met a woman named Angel, who seemed to have a passion for the revitalization event.  I saw and heard the name “Angel” multiple times over the past year at the NHS office, and wanted to learn more about this woman, who I found out, is one of our most dedicated volunteers.

Angel Petragallo has been a Paint The Town™ volunteer for 12 years – leading her Group One team as their captain for a decade.  As a Realtor®, she understands how much paint and repairs add to the value of a home and neighborhood.  And as a long time participant of Paint The Town™, she sees the personal value of this revitalization effort reflected on the faces of the recipients.

“These elderly [folks]…it hurts them to see their homes and gardens in bad shape, because 20 years ago they were out there [painting and revitalizing] it themselves.” Angel states.  “But as a volunteer, you get to watch the joy reignited in these people that you’re helping.”

Angel has had plenty of experience revitalizing homes around the Treasure Valley.  Before she became a Realtor®, she owned a full service janitorial/carpet cleaning company for 19 years that included painting homes inside and out, performing water and pet odor restoration, and cleaning offices.  Group One was already participating in Paint The Town™ when she started working there, and they recruited her onto their team based on her painting expertise from her former job.  A couple years later, they made her their team captain.

Speaking of all the homes in the Boise area, Angel shared her goal with me, “By the time I die, I will have painted, cleaned or sold it!”

Angel has spent much more of her time supporting Paint The Town™ over the past couple of years.  Last year, she joined the task force and was responsible for bringing in a donation of 1,500 hot dogs from Albertsons for the event’s Block Party.   This year, she is the Chair – or as she likes to call herself, the “recliner” – for the Paint The Town™ Committee, and has also taken on the responsibility of Sponsorship Lead, since our previous one moved.

“Angel has been one of our star team leaders for many years, and now we are lucky to have her help planning the event.  Her volunteerism and passion for the program have been vital to its success the last two years.  We are extremely grateful for her support!”  Lesley Krone, Paint The Town™ Coordinator readily admits.

It is the help from outstanding volunteers like Angel and the other members of our Committee, that makes Paint The Town™ what it is today – one of the largest volunteer events in the Northwest.  Since 1982, nearly 86,500 volunteers have painted over 3,150 homes for our communities’ senior and disabled residents.  Co-workers, families, civic members, and friends are excited to participate in this fun and rewarding revitalization program each year.

Paint The Town™, NHS' NeighborWorks Week event, will be held on June 13th this year.  It is a great way to start off the summer and the perfect excuse to throw a party!  As you pick up your paint and supplies, please join us for tasty food, music, vendors, and fun activities for people of all ages at our Paint Distribution Kickoff Party on May 30th.  You’ll get a chance to mingle with some other volunteers who are making a positive impact in our communities. Oh, and remember to say hello to Angel while you’re there!

The due date for team registration has passed, but check out these other great ways you can help with Paint The Town™:

  • Buy A BucketBuy 1 bucket of paint for $20 or 3 buckets for $50.  Each bucket you buy will not only help your senior and disabled neighbors, but will get you in to win 2 roundtrip Alaska Airline tickets – anywhere Alaska flies – an iPad Air, or a commercial Charbroil Grill!
  • Volunteer for the Kickoff Event – To volunteer, contact us at 258-6222 or


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