Rake Up Boise

Fall is a beautiful time of year in the city of Boise; the multi-colored leaves above our heads are a sight to behold. During late fall, the city of trees turns into the city of leaves! These leaves pose a problem for many senior and disabled residents who are unable to rake and bag them.


Lending a Hand

Over the past 29 years, with the help of approximately 7,000 volunteers each year, Neighborhood Housing Services has organized one of the largest community events in the state of Idaho, Rake Up Boise™.

Each year, nearly 700 yards are raked and winterized for our senior and disabled neighbors who cannot perform the work themselves.

Over 4 million pounds of biodegradable leaf bags have been collected and composted over the last 29 years. That's about 2,000 tons of waste kept out of the landfill and used for mulch at various city and county sites.


The Organization Behind Rake Up Boise

NeighborWorks Boise offers an array of housing-related programs aimed to support Idaho families in their quest to homeownership.  Our services include homeownership and foreclosure prevention counseling, mortgage lending, affordable apartment communities, and the rehabilitation and construction of affordable homes.  We may be most well known for Paint the Town™ and Rake Up Boise™, but we are much more!  Learn more at www.nwboise.org.



Making a Difference


"Thank you for providing this wonderful service. My family were "rakers" for many years, but I never truly realized how much it means until I became unable to do (my yard) myself last year."


"There are some perks to being a senior citizen! Saturday morning a crew of at least 15 showed up. They were here for a couple of hours and filled 35 bags with leaves - even cleaned the gutters!! I surely appreciate the help as it would have taken me days to accomplish what they did. My crew was from Idaho Physicians Network. Thanks to NHS for sponsoring this."


"I would like to say a special thank you to NHS and Rake Up Boise...A job that usually takes me a month to do was finished in less than an hour and a half.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to a great team and a great program."

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